Woebie, Vincent and the Homeless Boots

Translation of 'Woebie, Vincent en de stoute schoenen', 2008
Woebie, Vincent and the Homeless BootsMies Strelitski (story)
Arnold de Hartog (illustrations)

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Woebie, Vincent and the Homeless Boots

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ISBN: 978-90-79498-06-2,
48 pages,
full colour illustrations,
hard cover,
Format (hxwxd): 182 x 257 x 10 mm,
Weight: 370 gram.

Woebie meets Vincent, the artist!

Woebie and his friends Dokey and Chinku go on a school trip to a museum with paintings by VINCENT VAN GOGH. They brag about meeting Vincent during their summer vacation in France. True or untrue? A witty and instructive story about meeting a painter named Vincent.

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