Woebie and the ghost

a Vacation at the Seashore

Translation of 'Woebie ziet spoken', 2008
Woebie and the ghostMies Strelitski (story)
Arnold de Hartog (illustrations)

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Woebie and the ghost

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ISBN: 978-90-79498-09-3,
48 pages,
full colour illustrations,
hard cover,
Format (hxwxd): 182 x 257 x 10 mm,
Weight: 330 grams.

Woebie meets a lonely ghost!

Woebie goes on vacation with his family to the seashore. Woebie and his sister Lucy discover all kinds of things on the beach. They also find something special and the answer to the mystery of Villa Irma. A charming story about a naughty but endearing ghost.

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